Monday, March 8, 2010

The FiRsT LooK

The day when I saw you the first time
A feeling gushed and the blood rushed
Deep down in the heart

When I think about the instance
My heart skips a beat, a smile crosses my lips
Wanting to re-live each second

Wonder!! How I remember everything
Those few words with you
Curiosity mixed with innocence

Without you, could I have ever?
Felt the speedy wind, heard the lonely roads
And, talked to the silence of the darkness

The magic your eyes casted at the first sight
Still remains illuminated, With no wish to go dim
But with a prayer to burn forever and ever…..

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Beautiful Dream

A whisper breaks my sleep, as I rub and open my eyes
I see you, your sparkling EYES looking at me
and once again I fall in love, fall in love with your EYES
which reveals so many things and hides so many others
But, now they tell ‘It’s a beautiful day’ ahead
What I see all around is only smiles, miles of smiles
Together we feel the silent dews, the bursting waters
And the radiant and warm rays of the sun
a wonderful day full of laughter and closeness
while I feel your steps beside me, I feel more secured
when you hold my hands, the world seems so beautiful
And, I find my world when I look into your EYES
As the sky turned dark with stars lighting it up
the day comes to an end bringing us more close
making the bonding more strong
a perfect day it is, as if a Dream
I want the time to halt, be in your arms forever
Never let go these moments of love and affection
And here comes the silence creeping, something ticking
And the starlit sunshine melts your warmth away!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dream Wings

Wish I was a bird
A small and tiny one
With colorful wings to fly
And little eyes to see

Every day with each ray of light
I wake up, rubbing my eyes
Thanking the whole universe
For one more radiant day

Then just open my wings
And fly in the azure sky
Towards the giant yellow circle
As if trying to devour it

Below I see the green fields
Waving to the mild breeze
And the lands totally barren
Waiting for one drop of blessing

Small houses and skyscrapers
Brimming with busy movements
Here are the gargantuan waves
Hitting the shore with anger

Now my other mates join in
The excitement just manifolds
Singing to the whole world
We dance while teasing the air

The whole day passes by
The giant yellow circle moves to west
And, the silver light starts scintillating
Reminding me, it’s time to go back

It’s time to go back to my home, my nest
Resting on a tall and strong tree
And I sleep with a pray, that
The next day is more interesting
than the one today..

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Journey !!

Alone we come, Alone we go
In between we live a whole life!!

A wonderful bonding
With so many relations
With so many strings attached
With so much of love
With so much of emotions

A wonderful journey
With full of crests and troughs
With a breeze of warmness
With so much of smiles
With a few drops of tears

A wonderful learning curve
With a lot of achievements
With a few failures

A wonderful creation of God
With so much of beauty around
With few things to hurt

With so many wonderful things
There is a difference created
In the time we come
And, in the time we go

But then, this is Nature’s Law
Alone we come, Alone we go!!


Life is beautiful,
But every beauty has lie behind it;
Life is a game,
But every game has its own risks;
Life is a play,
But every play has to end;
Life has an end,
But every end has a new beginning!! :)


May be I have hurt you knowingly or unknowingly
But never was my intention to hurt you

May be I have said and done things which you didn’t like
But never was my intention to trouble you

May be I have been self-loving and obstinate in my own ways
But never was my intention to let you down

I can’t do the “done”, “undone”
But I can always sincerely convey my apologies

I apologize for all the unpleasant moments
I apologize for all the disagreeable days
I apologize for everything

With a word that “it won’t happen again”
My humble “Apologies”